Lunch and Learn

Looking to hone your cybersecurity skills? Join us for a lunch and learn training session to pick up some valuable and easy-to-follow cybersecurity tips. Lunch provided.

Don’t Get Phished! Recognize the Bait

October 6 | 12-1:30PM
College of Business Starry Conference Room

Have you ever received an email threatening to lock your email account? Or maybe a phone call about a Caribbean vacation that sounds too good to be true? Phishing attacks use various means of deception to attempt to trick individuals into giving up sensitive information. This session discusses different types of phishing schemes; how to identify and protect yourself from common scams; and the social, legal and technological consequences of these growing threats.

Disaster Recovery and Me: How Should I Prepare?

October 24 | 12-1:30PM
College of Business Starry Conference Room

A hurricane, fire or other catastrophe can destroy electronics and years and years of irreplaceable documents, photos and other digital data in the blink of an eye. Stop by for this lunch and learn to discover the steps you can take—at home and at work—to prepare and make sure your computer, tablet, phone and data stored on them is protected during a natural or cyber disaster.